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03 Oct 2023
By Vincent Gaidau

BVLT: Pioneering a Value-Driven Approach in the Cleaning Industry


Industry Challenges: The Birth of BVLT

The Irish cleaning industry is a competitive landscape where most cleaning companies look the same, sound the same and deliver the same inconsistent service. Barriers to entry are low and with high competition this results in companies driving down their hourly rates just to win enough work to survive. 

The outcome? Cleaning companies that cut corners to recuperate profit that they’ve lost from constant undercutting.

This means that companies can’t afford to train their staff, purchase adequate cleaning supplies or deliver the service that they’ve promised because if they keep their word to you then they’re losing money.

Couple that with notorious industry challenges around staff engagement and retention and you’re left with the world of ‘Best Value Short Term’ (BVST) cleaning contractors. While these ‘cheap’ cleaning companies seem like a great deal to start with, the hidden costs add up.

Unnecessary communication, tenant complaints, asset depreciation and time wasted from finding new cleaning contractors; these are the true costs associated with ‘cheap’ cleaning. 

It’s precisely these challenges that gave birth to our innovative BVLT (Best Value, Long Term) system.


BVLT: A System Designed for True Value

At its core, BVLT is a system we designed from the ground up to address and resolve the issues in Ireland’s cleaning industry that we’ve just spoken about. 

The BVLT system is a methodology that shifts the focus from short-term cost efficiency to long-term service delivery (and therefore better value).

The main guiding philosophy is that a cleaning contractor should be able to deliver a high quality service, as promised, without your intervention. 


BVLT and BVST: A Cost-Value Analysis

The most striking difference between BVLT and BVST lies in the universal principle of “buy cheap, buy twice”. 

When cheaper services come with lower prices and higher costs, it almost always turns out that the supposedly ‘cheaper’ option is, in fact, more expensive. On the other hand, higher priced services like those offered by BVLT have lower long-term costs, making them the more economical choice in the grand scheme of things (as well as saving you countless headaches along the way).

For an understanding of the true cost-value delta between BVLT and BVST, consider our BVLT calculator here


Industry Challenges Solved by BVLT

BVLT aims to tackle challenges in key areas such as service consistency, communication, quality, reporting/audits, and compliance. In essence though, BVLT is different; it’s a paradigm shift in the cleaning industry. 

By focusing on long-term value and ROI, BVLT aims to revolutionise the way property and facilities managers approach their cleaning needs. However, when discussing the key issues that BVLT was designed to address, you may ask how BVLT can achieve that


Here’s how:

  • Cleaning that’s managed FOR you

Our managed cleaning is about maintaining YOUR peace of mind – ensuring that you’re time abundant with happy tenants, and that our cleaners follow your specifications consistently.


  • Simple efficient communication

Clear communication is the backbone of any excellent service – that’s why you get a dedicated account manager with a direct line to ensure your expectations are met on every clean.


  • On-budget cleaning – with ROI

Over the long-term, poor cleaning leads to damage and more frequent maintenance costs. We maintain top-class cleanliness on all surfaces, at all times – lowering maintenance spend and ensuring your property stays in better shape for longer.


  • Consistent high-quality cleaning

High-quality cleaning is often cleaner dependent; if the cleaner’s good, you get a good clean – but if that cleaner leaves, it’s like Russian roulette. Our BVLT System guarantees consistent high-quality cleaning, no matter who cleans.


  • Specialist systems designed  specifically  for Facilities Managers

Everything we do, we do with Facility Managers in mind – that’s why our BVLT System just works.


With our BVLT system, we reduce the stress and hassle that comes with managing poor quality contractors. Put simply, we’ve chosen the right people to run, control, and monitor your cleaning needs – no matter what.

How do we do this while still being in a highly competitive market where other cleaning companies fail to do so? 

Let me answer that question with another question:

How can you expect a consistent, simple and effortless cleaning service from a cleaning company whose own company is run like a chaotic mess?

We’ve invested heavily into efficiency in our own company – simply put, our systems allow us to do better work in less time than other cleaning companies. This means that while other cleaning companies are running around like headless chickens losing money due to inefficiency we can reinvest back into our business and our staff enabling us to pay and train our staff better than other companies can. 

BVLT is more than just about your service, it’s the entire backbone of our company. In fact, we’ve adopted the LEAN manufacturing system in order to reduce company wide waste and maximise service delivery.


How does this benefit YOU?

So, who stands to benefit the most from BVLT’s unique approach to cleaning? It’s the forward-thinking property managers and facility managers looking for the best ROI, who’ll find that BVLT ticks all the right boxes. 

These managers understand that the true cost of cleaning extends far beyond just counting pennies, to include invaluable intangible factors like time, stress, and peace of mind.


BVLT: A Promise of Long-Term Value

In a landscape dominated by short-term cost considerations, BVLT is a breath of fresh air. 

It’s a testament to our belief that long-term value and simplicity can go hand in hand – that facility managers and property managers can experience a cleaning service that truly understands their needs and consistently delivers on its promise. 

It’s about empowering you to achieve your goals with less stress and greater assurance of quality. And finally, it’s also about resetting the standards of what we should expect from a cleaning service. 


Ready to learn more?

Reach out today for your FREE, no-obligation cleaning health check, and learn how BVLT will redefine cleaning for your property.

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