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Why Us?

It’s early – yet another Monday morning.

You’re about to start a brand-new week and you’ve just arrived at work to find the cleaning contractor you hired has made a completely half-hearted attempt at the job. Again.


You’re tired.

Not because it’s early, but because you thought you’d already fixed the problem by speaking to the head contractor about it the last time around.

You’re also tired because this failure falls back on you – after all, you were the one tasked to “find someone, but keep an eye on the costs…”, or so you were told.


You’re frustrated.

There’s a long week ahead but you’ve already started to lose the momentum.


Sound familiar?

Yep. We thought so.

So, where do Clean Sweep Facility Services come in then?

Well, we’re the ones you call when you finally realise that low-cost cleaning NEVER means high quality.


With our proprietary ‘BVLT System’ – best value, long term – we’re not just here to make a quick few quid either.


We’re here to do the job properly and consistently with no messing around – saving you time, money and headaches in the long run.


No cutting corners. No supplies running out. No more of those cleaning staff that just haven’t got a clue.


In short, no more jobs half done.


Happy bosses, happy landlords, happy tenants, and happy FMs – that’s what we’re all about.


We’re here to solve your cleaning contractor and property management pains by doing the job how it SHOULD be done, every time – turning you into an ROI hero by eliminating those extra costs that come with poor cleaning providers in the process!


You’ve already got enough on your plate; make sure that you’ve got one less thing to worry about by getting in touch…

But what’s this ‘BVLT’ stuff really all about? Sounds gimmicky.

Hold up.

If you’ve read any other cleaning contractor’s website in the past, you’d probably expect to hear a whole lot here about business buzzwords and a whole lot of nonsense where we pat ourselves on the back about why we’re so great.


Well, you won’t hear that here (though we are pretty great).

BVLT simply stands for ‘best value long term’.

That’s what Clean Sweep Facility Services is all about.


We designed this system to guarantee you less stress, lower long-term costs, and a huge reduction in cleaning and maintenance-related headaches.


  • Highly engaged cleaners deliver every time
  • Guaranteed same day communication
  • Punctual cleaners
  • Cleaning managed FOR you
  • Happy tenants


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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Vinnie Gaidau and his team in Clean Sweep Facility Services has been a trusted partner of Smith Property Management for the last 8 years and has developed a strong, professional relationship with our staff and management but just as importantly with our clients on the ground.As a result of the quality, flexibility and delivery assurance that Clean Sweep Facility Services provides to developments within the Smith Property Management portfolio we would have no hesitation in recommending Vinnie and his team in Clean Sweep Facility Services.”
Barbara Smith
Managing Director
“We have worked with Clean Sweep Facility Services on a number of our sites in Dublin for a long time.  We would not hesitate in recommending them for anyone who is looking for a reliable and trustworthy property maintenance partner.  We are very happy with the standard of their work and level of service that they provide.”
Aisling Keenan
Managing Director
“At BPM Property, we’d be more than happy to recommend Clean Sweep Facility Services and would do so without reservation.  Why?  Because of their professional services, polite manner and efficiency in caretaking and cleaning our properties.  Thank you all very much for your clear communication and continuous smile on the job.  It certainly makes our lives a whole lot easier.”
Fiona Martin
Senior Residential Property Manager
“We are MORE THAN delighted with Clean Sweep Facility Services gardening service.  Since bringing them on board, lots of residents have remarked on the improvements and we would not hesitate to recommend them.   They have kept us informed at all times and have consistently more than exceeded our expectations. Fully expecting this exceptional service to be short lived, I am delighted to say that 8 years on, they continue to impress me and I look forward to continuing our working relationship for many years to come because Riverpark is looking even more beautiful, thanks to you.”
Leonora Carney
Director of Riverpark c/o WYSE
“As the managing agent for a number of developments around the Dublin area, I have engaged the services of Clean Sweep Facility Services for the past four years.  During this period they have carried out landscaping and internal block cleaning as well as various other property management services.  Throughout this time they have provided excellent service levels and I would have no hesitation in recommending them for any property management works.  Their MD Vinnie Gaidau has always been contactable 24/7 and is a pleasure to deal with.  Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further details.”
Adrian Muldoon
Managing Director
“I am a director of Blasket Square, Waterville and since September of 2008 we have used landscaping services of Clean Sweep Facility Services. Not only have I seen a marked improvement to the quality of the landscaping and maintenance of the square, but other residents, who would never normally comment, have told me how wonderful the place is looking…All this I can honestly say is down to Clean Sweep Facility Services excellent standards and quality of service. I look forward to working with them for many years to come..”
Michael Sayzer
Director of Blasket Square


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